Pre-Winter Tips for the Fall Season

With winter comes freezing temperatures, snow, and more time spent indoors. The cold can bring with it a lot of problems, but if you’ve prepared ahead of time, you’ll have little to worry about come December, January, and February. If you’re a renter and are getting ready for the cold months, make sure to follow these helpful tips to prepare your property while we are still in the fall season. Continue reading

Why you need to fill out that Move-In Conditions Form…

Okay so you’ve just moved into a new apartment! It is an exciting day! You get the keys to your new place and tucked away in that move in folder is the MOVE IN CONDITIONS REPORT. is going to tell you why it’s so important to fill this out!  Continue reading

7 Ways to Fit a Work-space into a Small Space

Anyone who works from home realizes how crucial it is to have a proper work space–but how does one cram an efficient office area into a small space? Apartment Therapy offers 7 easy solutions for a small space work place.

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10 Simple Christmas Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces

Living in a small space can be challenging when it comes time for the holidays….especially if you LOVE decorating like I do! Apartment Therapy offers some helpful tips for those who want to decorate, but may be limited on space! Continue reading

Indoor Plants: Spruce up your Common Areas with Hearty, Low Maintenance House Plants

Courtesy of Elephant Journal.

Most articles about making property improvements focus on the big ticket items — new laundry rooms, roof decks, pools, and so on. But too often a less expensive option is overlooked: the humble houseplant. Continue reading

PPAR Colorado Springs Real Estate Trends & Statistics August 2015

Every month Pike’s Peak Association of Realtors updates their market statistics to keep you informed of real estate trends in our area.
This is an extremely helpful and informative tool to use when you consider buying or selling your home in Colorado Springs.

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